Question to Professional Writing Service

How much time would it take to deliver my papers?

Professional Writing ServiceWith us, you can be sure of getting the paper on time and within the deadline that you specify. We specialize in submitting papers within 24 hours or less and we are capable of handling virtually any deadline specified. Currently our services give you options of short-deadlines of 12 hours or longer deadlines which can go on for up to 30 and 60 days. So you can decide when you would like your assignment to be completed. Our experience shows that we can write most orders in a period of 24 hours or less, but we suggest that you place your order as early as possible so that we can have some extra time to do additional research. In case we are unable to process your order within the time specified (in rare cases, which occur due to non-availability of information or materials from client), we will inform you on this. However we will at all times take steps necessary to complete your order in time.

Is it legal to buy custom written papers from your company?

Yes. As far as we are aware, there is nothing illegal in customers purchasing papers from a research service and there is no objection from any legal authority to this. Keeping this in mind, we also would like to point out that you should make yourself aware on the legalities in your city/state/province and/or country before your proceed to take up research services via this site. When you buy a research paper from us, it is similar to buying “Cliff’s Notes,” which are being sold in every college and university library. The academic writing service that we offer is considered as a reliable academic source.

What about privacy and confidentiality of customers?

We have a strict policy towards maintaining customer confidentiality, privacy and anonymity, unlike other academic writing services which sell client information. On the other hand, our company completely understands a student’s need for professional academic writing and equally the need to keep information on their orders and their personal information confidential. Therefore we never resort to selling of personal information. We assure you that we will never disclose any customer information under any circumstances. We will not give out your name, e-mail address and any other details to any company or institution or individual. We will maintain your privacy at all costs.

What customer support services do you offer?

Following is a list of what our customer support services offers you:

  • 24X7 communication with administration
  • Direct contact with your assigned writer
  • Check on the progress of your order in real time
  • Send in your comments, revision requests directly to your writer which improves the process of revision and enhances communication
  • Upload any required files or guidelines
  • Download your completed assignment directly via our server
  • Ask for a quotation from our friendly Customer Service Team and even more…

What are your pricing policy levels?
We provide academic writing services for different types of deadlines/urgency levels which are as follows:

  • 12 hours
  • 24 hours
  • 48 hours
  • 3 days
  • 4 days
  • 5-6 days
  • 7 days
  • 14 days
  • 30 days
  • 60 days

You can find further information on our pricing policy on the page on Prices and also in each page of the different services.

Do your prices reflect your quality of work offered?

Yes the price we charge reflect our work quality as we give our customers well-researched and well-written papers for each and every order placed. We are not stating that we are the cheapest writing service available on the internet because quality does not come cheap and maintaining our services is not inexpensive. Our company hires only the best and the most competent writers, each of whom are highly qualified and in addition to this we give our customers 24/7 customer support, keeping our complex computerized systems operating all the time and so on. It is completely worth for clients when we guarantee that you would be receiving a paper which is original, not plagiarized, completely referenced and is provided within the deadline specified.

In a rare occasion when a customer is not satisfied with the outcome of their paper, we will have the paper revised free of cost. Many times, what happens is that a customer approaches us with an assignment and then finds out the charge, then opts for a service that gives them cheaper alternative, but comes back later saying that they were ripped off and that they had a terrible experience with the other company and whether could we complete their assignment. You should really consider if it is worth taking such a huge risk in getting your academic papers done in this way. We think not. So be aware of how you decide on which academic writing services to opt for.

There are websites which provide dissertation and thesis writing at the same rates as that of essay writing. Why can’t you?

Our rates are different because buy dissertation online or thesis and the way they will be written is different from buy essay writing online and both require different levels of research. Your thesis, dissertation or essay will be written by professional writers who specialize in your topic/subject.
Are there any additional/hidden charges? 

No, we are not one of those services which advertise low prices just to attract clients and then levy additional charges for email delivery etc. We give you sincere services and won’t charge you anything more that the rate which we advertise for our various services. We offer a 100% free Email delivery.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes we provide discounts for our customers. Check our Discounts page for further details on the discounts offered by us.

Do you accept orders from abroad?

Yes. Even though our company is based in the United States, we have clients from each and every part of the world such as from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, countries of Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and Gulf. Our writers are adept in writing papers and essays according to the writing style of any particular country. For example, if a customer requests that their papers be written according to UK academic writing requirements, our writers can do this perfectly. All that customers have to do is e-mail or e-fax in their requirements and our writers will follow them strictly.

Is payment in installments possible?

We do have a provision in place, by which you can make payments in installments for thesis or dissertation chapters, however, but we do not recommend paying in installments for the following reasons:

  • It disrupts a writer’s writing flow
We strongly believe in upholding customer confidentiality and privacy. Customers can be sure that we will never reveal any personal information or any information related to their use of our services to professors, spammers, or any third party. Unlike other sites, we take all steps to reinforce customer trust by adhering to a strict privacy policy.
  Editing & Rewriting Services 
We also offer high-quality, professional editing, proof-reading and rewriting services, which can be of much help to those who have already written their academic papers, but need our services to polish their papers in terms of grammar, spelling and language. We have a team of expert editors who will edit, proof-read & rewrite any academic assignment on any topic, within the deadline specified by you and guarantee you utmost satisfaction.
  Honest and Fair, Reasonable Prices
We are not stating that we offer the lowest pricing available on the internet, because quality does not come cheap. With us, you can find the best combination of price and quality. Our rates are very reasonable, but we never compromise on quality. Furthermore, with us you can be sure of never having to face issues of hidden or additional fees.
  Customer Satisfaction 
Our chief purpose is customer satisfaction. We consider each and every customer as valuable and provide them with the most suited custom term paper writing and editing services. One of the key features of our services is our unique customer support system. After placing orders, customers can sent and receive messages from their writers/editors as well as from the administration using the personal message board system. Customers can also upload files with guidelines, instructions and sources into their order account. You can contact us at anytime using our online 24X7 live support chat system and you can receive quick answers to your queries and solutions to any problem that you have with your assignment, rather than wait to get a reply via email as seen with many other essay writing services on the internet.