World of Niché, The First Appointment-Only Sneaker Boutique

  Image via @junyamatano

Image via @junyamatano


In today's sneaker world, retailers hype up highly-coveted sneaker releases for days, if not weeks, using social media raffles and online games. However, NYC's newest boutique sneaker store is quietly sneaking its way into conversation without doing much talking.

World of Niche, located at 66 Bleecker Street, is an appointment-only sneaker boutique. If you're wondering what their shoes look like, you won't find much online. World of Niche is currently anti-social media, and their website only allows you to make a reservation. 

If you dig through Instagram, you'll see a handful of photos with gorgeous Vegtan sneakers like these.  


The tight-lipped retailer currently offers three different models: a runner a high top ($400), and a hiking boot ($450). Each model is limited to 50 pairs, so you won't know what color way, models, or sizes are in stock when you're making an appointment. 

Wondering what the World of Niche experience is like? According to Jake Woolf of GQ, who had an appointment,

There is a very serious "one at a time" shopping policy, meaning you're on your own to decide whether the premium leather sneaks in your hands are worth buying or not.
Next rule: no outside shoes. When you walk in you're instructed to take your shoes off, put on a pair of leather slippers, and sit down. That's when store's single attendant (nattily dressed in a sharp navy suit) hits a button that clouds the shop's window to the outside world.
In the real world, this is the moment you start to panic. But in World of Niche, it's the moment a giant brass ball suspended from the ceiling opens up, revealing a tightly organized selection of just three styles of World of Niche shoes, each in three colors. 
Once a sneaker is selected to try on, the shop's suited-up associate retires to the stock room and emerges with the fresh kicks on a platter. Like a literal serving tray.

Check out his full write-up of his World of Niche experience here. Hit the button below if you're ready to get your hands on a pair from the exclusive boutique.

If you're wondering who's behind this shop you'll have to do a little more research.

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