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With NBA All-Star Weekend around the corner, we're taking you on a trip down memory lane to the OG Era of Basketball when Shaq was going for an Oscar instead a Ring for his performance in Kazaam, AI was putting in bars for his rap album (we're still waiting for it to drop... and feel like there's probably a DMX feature on at least 2 tracks), and Dennis Rodman was hitting the 3Peat - not a redeye flight to North Korea.  

We're sure there are more memorable moments from the Golden Era, but those are just the first three that come to mind.

To relive the glory of the 90s, we've teamed up with Mr. Throwback (a name that speaks for itself) and Ostertag (a name inspired by kinda-legendary, 90's Utah Jazz Center, Greg Ostertag) for a special NBA All-Star Weekend collaboration.

This Drop Info page is where you can find all detailed information about the hunt. To join the hunt, follow us on Instagram, which is where we'll be releasing clues and other important info.



For this hunt, Mr. Throwback and Ostertag put together a Starting Five of OG All-Stars prize packs to hide. Each of the 5 packs will include a vintage jersey of a player + a 1/1 original art piece of that player designed by Ostertag.


1. "The Answer" Pack - includes Allen Iverson jersey (SZ 52) + artwork

2. "His Airness" Pack - includes Michael Jordan jersey (SZ 52)  + artwork

3. "Lil' Penny" Pack - includes Penny Hardaway jersey (SZ 44) + artwork

4. "Round Mound of Rebound" Pack - includes Charles Barkley jersey + artwork

5. "Hoya Destroya" Pack - includes Patrick Ewing jersey (SZ 44) + artwork 

Prize packs will be rewarded as first come, first serve. If the jersey you receive is not your size, you will be able to exchange it for the same jersey in your size (if available) OR a $75 store credit. Since the jerseys are original (from the 90s, fam) they are as-is and may feature some wear-n-tear.

Additionally, the first 3 winners will receive the Smithee+Co "Ricky Barry x Granny Shot" tee (in the photos above). 


Hypeist Mr. Throwback NYC Ostertag NBA All Star Weekend GIF

When the hunt goes live on Saturday, February 13th at 2PM in East Village, you'll be searching for hidden Hypeist tokens, not the actual rewards. The hunt will start outside of Mr. Throwback's store (428 E. 9th St).

You'll need to decrypt clues and take on challenges to find hidden tokens. Tokens can take many forms - basketball memorabilia, art pieces, locks, etc. - and are redeemable with us for the rewards. 

Once you find a token, DM a photo of it to us on Instagram and we'll hit you back to let you know how and where to snag your prize pack. There is a limit of 1 pack per winner.

If you're new to the hunt, learn more about Hypeist and get tips on how to win this hunt.


KMD+1 sat down with Ostertag and Mr. Throwback to discuss the collaboration and other things about their work in the city. Tune in to the interviews below.


Now that you're all caught up, follow us on Instagram for hunt announcements.

- Hypeist

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