AUG 13 | TIME: 3:00 PM | SOHO

You see something that keeps your sneakers on ice, he sees artwork. Chicago-native Christophe Roberts is well known for his iconic, intricate sculptures crafted from Nike sneaker boxes. You may have come across his workshop and his installations at Nike Air Max Con in the city back in March.  



We've teamed up with Christophe to drop a Mansa Illa prize pack featuring 1 limited edition (#/50) hand-printed poster and 1 unreleased t-shirt on Saturday, August 13th.

The hunt will drop through an Instagram Story on our account (@hypeist). Once the story is posted, you'll find clues that will lead you to a hidden Hypeist token, not the prize pack itself. 

If you find the token, DM a photo of it to us on Instagram and we'll let you know how to redeem it with us for your Christophe Roberts prize pack. We'll notify you when the hunt has ended via our Instagram Story.


If you've never hunted before, make sure to read up on some best practices here.

Follow @hypeist for clues and @therealchristophe for more dope work. 

- Hypeist

When participating in a hunt, please practice respectful and safe etiquette, especially when interacting with others' property. For more information, review the Official Rules of this hunt and Hypeist's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


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