With the Pokémon Go craze in full effect, we've teamed up with our friends, GoodWoodNYC, to hide 15 limited edition Pokémon Go team pendants somewhere in Central Park. Find one and you'll be out here like,


This page is where you can find all detailed info about the #GoodWoodGo hunt. To participate in the hunt make sure to follow us on Instagram, which is where we'll be releasing clues and other important info like where the hunt will kick off. 


The hunt will kick off at Bethesda Fountain in Central Park where Hypeist reps will be holding a large Pokéball sign and will provide you with pre-hunt support. Make sure to arrive at Bethesda Fountain before 4PM EST. 


Pokemon Race

There are 15 pendant necklaces up for grabs. Here's how to catch one,

When the hunt goes live, you'll be searching for hidden Hypeist tokens, not the actual pendants themselves. The first 15 trainers to find a token will earn a team pendant. 

You'll need to decrypt clues and navigate through a series of Pokéstops and Gyms in Central Park to find a hidden token. Tokens can take many forms -- like real life Pokéballs or Razz Berries -- and are redeemable with us for the pendants.

Once you find a token, DM a photo of it to us on Instagram and we'll let you know how to snag your new, custom pendant. Unfortunately, you cannot catch them all (limit of 1 per winner).


In addition to the team pendants, you'll be able to catch some additional Pokémon Go easter eggs from GoodWoodNYC. Stay tuned for more info on those.


1. Stay Alert: Follow us on Instagram for announcements, clues, and updates

2. 🔋🔋🔋You'll need your phone for this hunt, and since your phone basically needs its own Super Potion to continue playing Pokémon Go, make sure you charge up before and bring an extra battery pack.

3. Have Pokémon Go: To win, you'll need to decrypt clues about Pokestops, Gyms, and other Poke-related things in Central Park, so make sure you can reference the app during the hunt.

4. Incubate Your Eggs: Why not hatch some Pokémon while hunting?

5. Make Moves: Make sure to account for traffic delays, Snorlax blockings, subway issues, and other whack stuff that might slow you down.

6. Read Carefully: Don't skim the clues or you might miss the most important piece of information.

7. Be Careful With Tokens: If you find a token, don't let the world know. Find a safe place to take a photo of the token and DM it to us. 


Shoot us a DM on Instagram. 


- Hypeist

When participating in a hunt, please practice respectful and safe etiquette, especially when interacting with others' property. For more information, review the Official Rules of this hunt and Hypeist's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


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