JANUARY 16, 2016 | 2PM

Here's to the NYC's young creatives, explorers, hustlers, and bustlers. The GothamTrotters. We've hand-picked some of the most unique, must-have, not-to-be-slept-on goods just for you.

We've teamed up with a few of our favorite brands to hide 5 #GothamTrotter bundles somewhere in the city. Reward distribution will be determined as first come, first serve. If you win, you'll be able to choose from any available bundle. 

This drop info page is where you can find all detailed information about the hunt. Once you get all caught up, hit the button below and follow us on Instagram to join the hunt, which will drop on Saturday, January 16th at 2:00PM EST.

When the hunt drops, you'll be searching for hidden tokens - not the actual bundles. The tokens can take many forms - mixtapes, art pieces, movie reference collectible, etc. - and are redeemable for the bundles.

If you find a token, DM a photo of it to Hypeist on Instagram and we'll hit you back and let you know how to redeem it with us. After all five tokens have been found, we'll notify all followers that the hunt has ended through a final Instagram post. There is a limit of 1 bundle per winner.



Brilliant Bicycles has been serving up some of the most elegantly-designed, hand-made bicycles. If you haven't convinced yourself to stop riding Uber everywhere then these bikes will do the trick. It's time to hit the real pedals.

Outdoor Tech is the go-to for tech products for the great outdoors and extreme sports. But, hey, we all know that the real stamp of approval isn't being Mt. Everest-proof, it's being NYC-proof, and Outdoor Tech boasts both accolades.

MyClo is living proof that The American Dream is well-alive and kicking. Not only are their premium campers crafted in the USA, but they also generate a $10 micro-loan to a small business with every sale they make. Talk about the hustle. 

Uppercut Deluxe is a knockout for the young Don Drapers who want to revive the kick and flare of the iconic 1950's haircut. If you've ever wanted someone to describe you as dapper, tidy, and timeless, now's your chance.

Scout Books knows no idea is too big. A lot of people say their best ideas come to them in the shower, but how are you supposed to write down your thoughts there? These pocket-sized notebooks are the best way to capture your next-best ideas in the next-best places (since the shower is clearly #1). 

Happy Socks has your feet covered. Period. If you're pulling off a fit, but are lacking the proper sock-game then are you really pulling of a good fit? Here's a morning tip: make sure your socks are in-check before you start checking email. 

Teroforma has linked a new generation of designers with the world's artisans masters. What links these two? A perfect glass of whisky. Whether you preferred your whisky neat or on the rocks, it's safe to say you'll like it best on the stones. 

Jeff Arnold seems to have taken Jay Z's definition of Dead Presidents to the art world. Jeff's currency-turned-art is scary good. How do you make a $100 bill worth more than $100? Turn it into artwork.

Vaportini is a must have at-home bar accessory when you're not trying to spend all your dead presidents in one night. You may have seen these at some high-end bars in the city. All well say is that drinking isn't the only way to enjoy your favorite liquor.


All five winning bundles will include: 

  • (1) Outdoor Tech Buckshot Speaker OR Kodiak Mini Powerbank
  • (1) MyClo Premium Camper
  • (1) Uppercut Deluxe Combo Pack (Pomade, Shampoo, Conditioner, + Comb)
  • (1) 3-Pack of Scout Books Pocket-Sized Notebooks
  • (1) Pair of Happy Socks x Rodriguez collaboration socks
  • (1) Set of Teroforma Whisky Stones
  • (1) Teroforma NYC Canvas Tote

Bundle #1 (first place):

  • (1) Brilliant Mayfair bike. 

Bundles #2-5 (not including 1st place) will include:

  • (1) Vaportini

Bundles #2-4 (not including 1st or 5th place) will include:

  • (1) Jeff Arnold $100 Bill Limited Edition Print (11x25)

Note: Each bundle may slightly differ from photos on our Instagram and in the photos above. For example, you may receive a different colored MyClo Premium Camper from the one in the photo.


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🔋⬆️You'll need your phone when you're hunting, so make sure you don't come without juice. 

Read Carefully: We get that everyone is scrambling to make moves once the clue is posted. If you skim through the clues, you may miss the most important piece of information.

Be Careful With Tokens: If you find a hidden token, do NOT let the world know. Find a safe place to take a photo of the token and DM it to us. 

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