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As Dub Nation continues to posterize the entire NBA, they now prepare to steam-roll their way into MSG and face-off with the Knicks on Sunday, January 31st. Our dude, Harrison Barnes, of the Warriors, is no stranger to the hunt. While we've been holding it down with hunts in NYC, the former Tar Heel has been hiding his own bundles of goods all over the Bay Area for a minute now. So, it only seemed right to team up and bring his #HBQuest to NYC. We'll be hiding a few HB-assembled bundles on gameday and we've got the home-court advantage. 

This Drop Info page is where you can find all detailed information about our #HBQUEST hunt. To join the hunt, sign up at the bottom of this page and once you do, follow us on Instagram, which is where we'll be releasing clues and other important info.

The Scouting Report

While he's been hoopin' on-the-court,

Hypeist Harrison Barnes Dunking

He's been putting up numbers off-the-court by hosting post-game interviews with fans on Periscope, creating a P.O. box where fans send memorabilia to get autographed (below), and challenging fans through scavenger hunts. 

The #HBQuest Basics

For this #HBQuest, we'll be hiding tickets to the Knicks-Warriors game at MSG, which will include a meet-and-greet with Barnes, along with other goods like 7 copies of 2K16 + gear from Red Bull like RBNY authentic jerseys. Here's the breakdown:

1st and 2nd place: 2 tickets to the game each (will-call), meet-and-greet w/ HB, 1 copy of NBA 2k16, and 1 NY Red Bulls Jersey

3rd-6th place: 1 copy of NBA 2k16, 1 NY Red Bulls Jersey, and 1 2k16 exclusive shirt

7th place: 1 copy of NBA 2k16, 1 team-signed NY Red Bulls soccer ball, and 1 2k16 exclusive shirt

Hypeist Harrison Barnes Warriors

That's how we thought the bench might react -  

When the hunt goes live on Sunday, January 31st at 2PM, you'll be searching for hidden Hypeist tokens, not the actual rewards.

You'll need to decrypt clues and take on challenges to find hidden tokens. Tokens can take many forms - basketball memorabilia, art pieces, locks, etc. - and are redeemable with us for the rewards. 

Once you find a token, DM a photo of it to us on Instagram and we'll hit you back to let you know how and where to snag your #HBQuest bundle. There is a limit of 1 bundle per winner.

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- Hypeist

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