We've teamed up with some of the coolest LES-based brands to shine light on the incredibly vibrant community, stores, and people of the area. Now a hub for some of the most creative, boutique brands, the LES is just heating up. 


To cop an early clue in this hunt, tag your friends in the comments of this Instagram post. The deadline for an early clue is 11:59PM on Thursday, November 12th. We'll DM you the early clue on Friday, November 13th.


Reed Space was founded by legendary streetwear creative, Jeff Staple, to help a collection of brands emerge into the market with a physical presence in NYC. The boutique's space serves both as a shop and presence for art galleries, like their most recent 1xRUN + Jeff Staple pop-up collab. 

Claw&Co was founded by graffiti-artist-turned-designer, Claw Money, and speaks to the cultural tie of NYC art and apparel. Claudia's iconic claw logo embraces the grit of the subculture of graffiti. There's no question why she's collabed with Nike, Vans, and FILA.

Despierta NYC is an up-and-coming streetwear brand that's already landed itself in key streetwear shops like Alumni and Community 54. From pop-up shops and parties to collabs with POW Skateboards, there's no doubt that these dudes are making moves.

Community 54 is a neighborhood lifestyle boutique that creatively touches on nostalgia and pop culture. The shop features 90's arcade games and a backyard that's hosted parties for A$AP Rocky and Soulja Boy. With success in NYC, they've already expanded internationally with a 2nd shop in The 6.

City Kids is a Reed Space-exclusive for all the hustlers who are losing sleep while chasing dreams. The brand is starting to make serious waves across all five boroughs. The brand's inspiration comes from the "things you see in NYC and nowhere else in the world".

Courts is another up-and-coming Reed Space-exclusive brand based on the truth that #BallNeverLies. Ready to hit 2016 with a new collection, don't miss on your chance to grab a piece from their first collection before it moves off the shelf for good. 


Five seperate winners will walk away with a complete LES Essentials bundle. All five bundle will be personalized and may slightly differ from our Instagram campaign and the photos above. All bundles will feature:

  • (1) Despierta NYC hat (either black "free the wave" OR green "mood")
  • (1) Despierta NYC coaches jacket (either green OR black "stay grimey")
  • (1) Reed Space ReedWrite journal notebook (either camel, black, white, or red)
  • (1) Claw&Co CLAW$ Black 6-Panel Twill Snapback
  • (1) Community 54 Raglan Tee (graphic may differ from ours)
  • (1) Community 54 speciality drink from the bar at their store
  • (1) Community 54 mystery gift
  • (1) City Kids "Open 24/7" S/S Tee (either White or Navy)
  • (1) Courts "Ball Never Lines" L/S Tee (either White or Navy)


Once you find a hidden token, DM a photo of it @Hypeist on Instagram, and we'll provide you with golden tickets that you'll use to redeem with each brand for their products at their respective LES stores. Each ticket will detail the pickup instructions and locations.

Here's what you need to know if this is your first time hunting 👉 How to Hunt.


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- Hypeist


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