Don't think, just shoot. That's the motto of Lomography, the analog camera company dedicated to experimental and creative photography. A movement. A style of photography. You can't plan a Lomography shot, it just comes to you.


We've teamed up with Lomography for a photography scavenger hunt challenge to find NYC's best Lomographers. Equipped with just a Lomography camera, roll of film, and task list, you'll explore the city like never before and compete against others to earn a Lomography prize pack and to have your work featured in their photo gallery.


Only 20 people will be selected to participate in this hunt. Secure a spot in the hunt by Instagramming a photo you've taken that best captures your creativity using #LomoTheCity by Tuesday, August 23rd (midnight EST).

The 20 more creative entrants will be notified with further details about the hunt via Instagram DM. If selected, you'll be loaned a camera + roll of film for the hunt.


In addition to the 20 people selected for loaned cameras, you can participate in the hunt if you already own a Lomography camera without entering the Instagram challenge above. However, you must DM us (@hypeist) on Instagram to get on the official list. Make sure to bring your Lomography camera to the hunt -- you'll be supplied a roll of film if you bring your camera.


Once the hunt ends, your film will be developed by Lomography, which will then be entered into a voting competition. Based on votes, four Lomographers will win gear and have their photos from the hunt displayed in the Lomography Gallery.

1st Place: Lomo'Instant Wide Central Park Edition Camera + Film; work displayed in Lomography Gallery

2nd-4th Place: 35mm Baby Fish Eye + Film; work displayed in Lomography Gallery.

- Hypeist

*People that are not using Lomography cameras will be banned from participating in the hunt. If you were not notified about being loaned a camera for hunt, you must bring your own Lomography camera to participate.

When participating in a hunt, please practice respectful and safe etiquette, especially when interacting with others' property. For more information, review the Official Rules of this hunt and Hypeist's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


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