We're capping off the year with one of the coolest, most interesting, and unusual collaborations of 2015 -- MISHKA x Todd James x Dungeons & Dragons.

MISHKA was born in Brooklyn, but they like to say they were raised in Hell. Pushing the limits of normalcy is what they're all about by creating unique goods for the unusual, divergent, and strange.

That's why the MISHKA x Todd James (REAS) x Dungeons & Dragons collaboration almost seems normal (although, that's counterintuitive to their philosophy). Here's how the collab came to be:

Todd James - renowned contemporary artist who has designed for and with PharrellThe Beastie Boys, Miley Cyrus, Eminem, and Mobb Deep - is a huge D&D fan, and was commissioned to create a version of their famous ampersand. So when Todd James and D&D linked up for a project, they knew MISHKA was the perfect camp to bring their vision to fans through a product.


The hunt will drop on Monday, December 21st at 5PM EST. The starting point of the hunt is MISHKA's store in Williamsburg, BK (350 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211). Check-ins will start here at 4:30PM, at which time a Hypeist rep will be posted outside of the store. You'll want to get here early, too. Here's why:

We've teamed up with Pin Drop NYC to make 50 pins exclusively for this hunt, which are not being sold anywhere. There are two ways to earn a commemorative pin:

1) Be one of the first 25 people to arrive at the check-in spot. First come, first serve.

2) [NOW CLOSED] Compete in our MISHKA trivia challenge. The first 25 people to get all answers correct will receive a commemorative pin upon arriving at the check-in spot. 

Pins are only redeemable at the hunt. You may only receive 1 pin, however, if you bring a guest and they are one of the first 25 people to arrive, they will also receive a pin. 


Once the hunt drops, you'll be searching for a hidden token - not the actual bundles. The token can take many forms - mixtape, art piece, movie reference collectible, etc. - and is redeemable for the bundle.

If you find one of the tokens, DM a photo of it to Hypeist on Instagram and we'll hit you back and instruct you on how to redeem it with us. After all tokens have been found, we'll notify all followers that the hunt has ended through a final Instagram post.


This drop will feature five exclusive bundles, so five winners. Each bundle will include your choice of ANY 3 of the 7 shirts below:


To ensure style and size preference, MISHKA will be fulfilling all winners' orders. Hypeist will distribute redemption vouchers to the five winners in exchange for a hidden token. The voucher will detail all necessary info for winners to receive their exclusive bundle directly from MISHKA through the mail. Each bundle will also come with a mystery gift ⚔🔮. 

*Each bundle may slightly differ from the photos in the campaign based on your choice.


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Stay Alert: Make sure you are following us on Instagram and Twitter, and have notifications turned on. Don't worry, we don't post much.

Be Ready: Past Hypeists have won by getting to the check-in spot way ahead of the start time. We'll recommend the best time to get there, so stay woke and be ready to make moves.

Know the Drop: Know your strengths, know your weaknesses, and know the drop. For example, biking and skateboarding may allow you to get around faster, but if the token is hidden in a tree then you may be at a disadvantage. So if you're bringing a bike, then consider bringing a bike lock just in case. While these are 🔥, we wouldn't suggested showing up on one.

Read Thoroughly: We get that everyone is scrambling to make moves once the clue is posted. If you skim through the clues, you may miss the most important piece of information. This rule applies for any trivia challenges, as well. 

Be Careful With The Token: If you find a hidden token, do NOT let the world know. Find a SAFE place to take a photo of the token and DM it to us. 

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- Hypeist

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