We linked up with the very young, San Francisco-based brand, MyClo, to drop a select number of campers from their timeless collection. Instead of just focusing on the aesthetics, the brand also lives by the idea of #FundTheHustle. For each purchase, they generate a $10 microloan to an American entrepreneur. MyClo directly funds the American dream and even makes all of their products in the USA. Learn more here 👉 MyClo's Story.

Due to the competitive nature of this hunt, there is a limit of 1 camper per winner. Below are the featured pieces: 

  • (1) MyClo Navy Camper
  • (1) MyClo Black Camper

Here's what you need to know about the drop 👉 How to Hunt.

Keep an ear to the ground for more info. 👀


- Hypeist


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