We've linked up with PeaBrain Studios to drop a collection of his original work in NYC. The collection includes a 1/1 custom pair of Nike AF 1 and 4 original canvases. Here's what you need to know: 

Follow Hypeist on Instagram to make sure you know all the latest information about the drop. Once clues are posted, it's on you to make moves.

To receive an early, insider's clue for this hunt, you must follow the instructions in this Instagram post 👉Early Clue Instructions. Early clues will be sent first come, first serve through Instagram 20-40 minutes before the hunt drops.

For this hunt, we will be hiding Hypeist tokens, which can take many forms -- canvases, stickers, locks. You won't know what the tokens are until the hunt drops. 

Hypeist token are redeemable for the hunt's rewards. Once you find a hidden token, DM a photo of it to Hypeist on Instagram 👉Instagram DM Instructions.

Once we receive your DM, we'll let you what place you've come in, which pieces from the collection are available, and where to snag your reward. Monitor your DM's closely for a response. 

Winners will be determined in order as they appear in the DM, not in order of you arriving to the reward pickup location. Similar to getting cart-jacked when trying to cop limited edition sneakers online, if you take too long to send your DM, someone might beat you to it.

Due to the competitive nature of this hunt, there is a limit of 1 piece of artwork per winner. Below are the 5 pieces:

  • (1) Custom 1/1 Nike Air Force 1's (Men's Size 10)
  • (1) 20x20 Original Canvas
  • (3) 14x11 Original Canvases

Keep an ear to the ground for more info. 👀


- Hypeist


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