We hide exclusive and limited edition stuff like sneakers and artwork all over NYC. You hunt them down, you keep them. Here's what you need to know.

All hunts drop through our Instagram account, Hypeist. Sometimes we'll give you a warning, sometimes we won't. Once the clue to the drop spot is posted, the rest is up to you. Early, insider clues are available, but only to our Instagram followers.

Sometimes we hide products, but most of the time, we hide Hypeist tokens, which are redeemable for the products. Tokens can take many forms -- locks, stickers, medallions. You won't know until the hunt drops. 

Once you find a token, DM a photo of it to Hypeist on Instagram. We'll hit you back and let you know how and where to snag your reward. 

More hunts dropping soon. Keep an ear to the ground. 👀


- Hypeist


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When participating in a hunt, please practice respectful and safe etiquette, especially when interacting with others' property. For more information, review Hypeist's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.



Hypeist is a platform where brands can release exclusive products, experiences, and content to fanatics through beacon-powered scavenger hunts.