While you may or may not have snagged a bundle from this hunt, we're serving up our secret stash of GothamTrotter-inspired music, styles, things to do in the city, and other dope stuff.


We're kicking off 2k16 by sharing some of our new favorite finds -- but, yo, don't tell everyone 🙊. Some of these tracks are old news (if you're in the know), but some of them are about to pop off. Hop on the subway and tune out. 

Selections from the entire 33-track set include the likes of J-Dilla, RJD2, Feed Me Jack, and RAC. If you're feeling the tracks above, hit the button below to view the full set on SoundCloud. Follow us there for more music drops.


Everyone's got that one friend who's getting touched up once a week by their go-to barber. Right now, we're sitting in the high-chair debating between the Modern Pomp, Textured Side Part, and High & Tight. Who knew there were so many? 

Click the photo below to learn how to master one of 2016's best cuts.


This one is for all the aspiring fashion, footwear, creative, and product designers out there.

In the 1980's, Nike looked to create a shoe for those who were exercising, just not at the gym. They created the ACG line to give outdoor enthusiasts a better athletic option than the market offered at the time.

Check out Cool Hunting's interview about the ACG line with Nike Senior Design Director, Matthew Millward.



Knock four times in a clearly distinct A-A-B-A pattern. Perfect the secret handshake. Push the secret brick 6-inches to the left. That's basically what you need to do to get into a secret, speakeasy bar in Manhattan. 

The Garrett is a speakeasy bar hidden above the Five Guys in West Village. While you've been downstairs ordering a cheeseburger and soda from the normal menu, The Garrett's menu boasts exclusive Five Guys burgers.

That's pretty much all we'll tell you. The rest is up to you. 


You really have to wonder how someone came up with this card game. We're guessing the creators must've had an awful experience involving their Xbox and herd of cats. 


Think about all the bad investments you've made on the app store and you may realize that this game can change your life. If you want to cop this game and decrease your friend group of cats, then click the button below. 

🍩 MMM 🍩

NYC's first-ever Donut Fest drops next Saturday, January 23rd at Verboten in Williamsburg, BK. We wouldn't recommend missing this (unless we have a hunt, of course). While tickets are moving fast, Donut-enthusiasts will surely be moving slowly after the festival.


What products and brands do you want to see drop next? Let us know and we'll try to make it happen.

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